The legend of cheering Man Utd draws ‘Rudiger’ to match ‘Varaan’ perfectly.

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Ex-Manchester United full-back Paul Parker believes Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger Appropriate to move to play for the Red Devils Army. Especially if paired with Rafael Varane.

the Red Devils have a problem defensively as they have conceded 26 goals in the league this season, with only Aston Villa and Leicester City conceding more than in the Premier League. Top 10 on the scoreboard

With the situation of Rudiger who is about to expire this summer. causing many clubs to show interest in wanting the main defender of the Singha team to continue to use One of them, Manchester United

Parker, came out to cheer for his former team to grab the Germany national team centre-back. When believing that this is the perfect deal for the club

“If he’s at Chelsea He’s very influential. And the fans are praising him,” Parker said.

“If coming to Manchester United I would say that is ambitious, I understand why he has to. And I think he will make a difference to be seen “

” If he had come to grips with that shop. That’s the difference you’re talking about, good speed. And you’re talking about someone who won the World Cup, the Champions League. And then you have a centre-back. The original leader.”

“He will open his mouth. call out when someone does not He would be the one to tell him to do it because he wouldn’t let the mistake happen to him. He will keep things simple. He will be perfect for sure.”