Silvestre said he had to blame MUTV for arresting “Keane”

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Ex-Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre has spoken of a move away from Roy Keane after he had an issue with Sir Alex Ferguson over criticized interviews with his team-mates via MUTV. Club media

Keane left the Old Town. Trafford in November 2005 following a scandal in which he severely criticized his team-mates following a 4-1 defeat to Middlesbrough on 29 October 2005, in which match the Irish midfielder did not have played

The interview was never aired, but Sir Alex Ferguson and Carlos Quiros were furious. Leading to a team meeting in which video was shown to everyone else’s speech. So severe that he was fined £5,000 and a few weeks later Left the club on 18 November 2005.

Sylvester, who played at the Riverside Stadium in the defeat of the match. I believe that my friends would not hold a grudge against Roy Keane’s words because he already knew his good nature.

“As a player, we know that Roy is direct with us and will treat everyone the same,” Sylvester told

“He said, ‘What I said to MUTV, I would say. It’s in front of all of you.’ So the interview wasn’t our problem at all

. Because if you know Roy, he’s already a man who doesn’t hold back.

“In the end it was a disaster. But it should be dealt with in a better way.”