MEN plans to release 4 players to raise funds for Haaland

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The Manchester Evening News reports that Manchester City are planning to release four players from the squad. To raise funds to grab a hot striker like Erling Haaland to join the army next season.

The Norwegian striker has also been in outstanding form this season, scoring 19 goals and providing six assists in 16 appearances for Borussia Dortmund this season. this

, however, promise to tear up the terms of racing age 21 will take effect in the summer of next year. It is believed that many European clubs will join the band to win him to join the army.

“The Blues” is still looking for a new striker to add to the army. After missing the grabs of Harry Kane on the past summer. It is believed that Haaland is their number one target.

Most recently, City are reportedly preparing to sell four players from the squad to raise funds for the project. They will receive a large sum far from releasing Fehr Frances T. Torres to Barcelona for a fee of 55 million pounds with add-ons

unless they are prepared for the lack of players in the process. loan It is believed to have received £8 million from the sale of Pedro Porro to Sporting Lisbon, £5 million from the sale of Ko Itakura to Schalke 04 and another £9 million from the club. Morgan Rogers can lead Bournemouth to promotion.