Manchester United to move forward in the hunt for the West Ham star

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Andy Townsend has urged Manchester United to continue their pursuit of West Ham winger Jarod Bowen, rather than focusing on Declan Rice.

“I have to admit that this season, Jarod Bowen’s form has been really hot and he has maintained that excellent standard from start to finish without a hitch.” The Blues exceeded 100 matches in the 90s, told talkSPORT.

“What I’m going to say from now on might offend the West Ham fans, but trust them they’re going to make a huge amount of money by selling two of the team’s elite players this summer.”

“The first one is Declan Rice, which we already know that there are big teams that want to strengthen the army all over Europe. The other one is Bowen. It’s no surprise that it’s getting so much attention.”

“The question is, which team is Bowen suitable for? Personally, I believe that he will go well with Manchester United, which I don’t know if other people will think the same or not. because I didn’t see any rumours.”

“Bowen can play anywhere from the center of the field to the striker, many times being placed in the center of the attack. while most of them are both left- and right-wing”

“But assuming if he moves to Manchester United then he can choose to play in his best position without giving up on anyone. Because his quality is definitely superior to anyone in the current squad and I see right-wing Eric ten Hag is lacking, that’s really Bowen’s nature.”