Legend of the swan believe “Martinelli” is the future of guns.

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John Barnes, the legendary Liverpool came from Gabriel Martinelli, Kelly would become a key player for Arsenal‘s future

striker, 20, is in good form after the fourth goal. Two assists In the last six Premier League games.

Barnes said of the younger players: “Gabriel Martinelli is a wonderful player. And was rated very high by many people who watch the Premier League, “

Arsenal starlet Gabriel Martinelli is starting to justify Ronaldinho’s praise after a brace against Leeds United this weekend.

Martinelli was a relatively unknown quality when he joined the Unai Emery Revolution in 2019. Signing from fourth tier Brazilian side Ituano for just £ 6million.

” his career at Arsenal was intercepted by Pierre – Aimee Derrick Obama’s cool box. And then Alex Mme la Seine Scott who came before him. In the real team But he is a real quality person. You can feel that now he’s getting a real chance

. But every time he enters the field He has performed well and I am sure he has a great future ahead of him.”

“In the long run he is the future of Arsenal. As Emil Smith, bowls and soap Cayo Osaka, I believe he would be the next player to birth length in the Arsenal team and make a name for yourself, “

” he can be a star again. that the team can rely on He has a bright future in the Premier League ahead of him,” he said.