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Jet lag protection.

Jet Lag is a type of illness related to sleep disorders. This occurs temporarily from flying across world time zones and the body is still unable to adjust to the new time zone. Causing symptoms such as insomnia or sleeping too much. Tired during the day Lack of

Taking the hormone melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body from the pineal gland in the brain. Performs functions related to the processes of falling asleep and waking up. Which is an important part of adjusting the body’s biological clock Taking the hormone melatonin may help normalize

What are the health problems related to the body clock?

Some health problems can affect your body clock. and cause various functional systems in the body to fluctuate. Until complications arise that may be harmful to health. Which often directly affects the body clock and secretion of the hormone melatonin, including

Techniques for correcting insufficient rest.

If you are someone who has difficulty sleeping. Can’t sleep well or have other sleep problems that cause insufficient rest. You can try using these techniques for health. Set a time limit for adequate sleep. By going to bed and waking up at the same

Problems Under The Dark Eyes How To Manage

Problems Under The Dark Eyes How To Manage Dark circles under the eyes are a problem. That can be found in both men and women. with the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Which is darker than the rest of the skin on the face And some people may

Things To Know Before Getting Fake Nails To Prevent Nail Damage

Things To Know Before Getting Fake Nails To Prevent Nail Damage Making fake nails (Artificial Nails) is something that many girls like to do. Some people like to decorate the patterns on the nails to be beautiful in fashion. Or some people may extend their nails to make

5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain That You Can Do At Home

5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain That You Can Do At Home Yoga for back pain relief is one of the most interesting exercises for people nowadays. Because back pain is a problem that is quite common today. It is caused by the lifestyle of many people. Who

5 formulas to keep hands soft and smooth

One of the problems that girls often encountered and caused a lack of confidence in touching others is having a problem with rough hands. So if anyone is facing this problem I recommend you to try 5 formulas to nourish your hands to be smooth and soft that we

6 Vegetables that make your belly collapse Defeat

For girls who have problems with abdominal fat Until feeling insecure about having a little belly Today we will invite you to say goodbye to those fats by eating vegetables that help get rid of fat in those areas. By eating vegetables that help flatten the belly and