What is diabetes and how dangerous is it?

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What is diabetes and how dangerous is it?

Diabetes, or whose name in English is Diabetes Mellitus: DM, is considered one of the diseases that cannot be chronically transmitted or is a condition in which our body Have very high blood sugar or have high blood sugar than normal and due to a lack of the hormone insulin (Insulin) or is a symptom of resistance to the hormone insulin That will affect the process of absorbing sugar in the blood into energy. Sugar accumulates in the blood in large amounts and if the body is left in this state for a long time, it may cause various organs in our body to deteriorate and may cause disease or dangerous complications. Then we will notice. Foods that will tell us how we have diabetes.

The main important symptoms. in showing symptoms That we can observe ourselves, that is, urinating too frequently during the night, feeling hungry often, eating and sipping but weighing less than normal, or having frequent numbness in the hands and feet, feeling tired, and abnormal vision because we have symptoms. Complications may affect the retina. Deterioration can occur and pressure sores may occur that are easily infected, especially fungal and bacterial infections. which is an important cause resulting in disability in various organs It is considered very dangerous.

How to take care of yourself from having diabetes

How do we control food? For people with diabetes, it is very important. The diabetes medicines. That are currently in use It is generally able to control sugar levels from Only about 45 – 60 grams of food per meal. When thinking about scooping rice. It will be about 3 – 4 ladles approximately and while we may eat more than 3 – 4 ladles of rice. Which will have a sugar level that the medicine can control itself, so we may solve the method by Change from steamed rice It can be brown rice or whole grains because they are nutrients contained in the food that help. Reduce sugar levels in the blood well However. We also have to control our diet and food intake. The things that help us the most are probably exercising and getting enough rest.

How can exercising regularly help?

Exercise, of course, is an activity that can Take care of your physical health. We can definitely get it. And more importantly, it can help our bodies. Become stronger as well because exercise is a different system in the body. Can work normally And effective, and for ufabet https://ufabet999.app patients with diabetes, exercising regularly. Every day can help control blood sugar levels. Ours very well and can also reduce the amount of medicine or insulin injections. You should exercise with no impact or low impact, such as walking, cycling, swimming. Choose the appropriate intensity of exercise. And more importantly, Exercise means sleeping or getting enough rest per day. and eat that are beneficial to our body Abstain or reduce fat as much as possible and don’t forget to drink clean water. It’s a daily routine. At least about 7 – 8 glasses.