Warm water VS cold water, which is better?

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Warm water VS cold water, which is better?

Some people like to take a warm bath to feel relaxed. Or some people like to shower with cold water to feel refreshed. which bathing in Each type of temperature They all have different health effects.

Bathing is a daily routine that everyone must do at least 2 times a day to wash off dirt from activities during the day. out of the body with clean water. In addition to the “cleanness” of water used to cleanse the body About the temperature used for bathing It is something that everyone It should not be overlooked either because the temperature is different. affect the body Especially the “skin” very much.

Taking a warm bath and taking a cold shower There are advantages and disadvantages as follows.

Take a warm shower

Many households today have installed “water heaters” so that they can adjust the temperature used for bathing. The advantage of https://ufabet999.app taking a warm shower is that it helps open the pores more than cold water. So it can remove dirt better. Helps reduce symptoms of cold hands and feet Helps stimulate blood circulation. and can help reduce stress

For those with a bathtub Soaking in warm water It will help make the soaker Feel comfortable, fall asleep easily and for a longer time. But the disadvantage of taking a hot shower is that if you take a shower regularly Will make the skin more dry. People who take hot showers regularly Therefore, you should nourish your skin with cream or lotion as well.

Recommended temperature For those who like to take a hot shower, it should not exceed 37 degrees Celsius.

Take a cold shower

Cold water or room temperature water It will help make the body feel refreshed. Energetic because it makes the muscles alert and increases fat burning slightly. Research abroad found that taking a cold shower It will help you feel good. Feels like you can reduce your feelings of depression.

Cold shower There is a caution: you should not take an extremely cold shower. Because it may cause the body to go into shock. Especially taking an extremely cold shower during the winter. Another thing that Cold bather One must observe oneself, one who takes a cold shower. It usually takes more time to take a quick shower than a warm shower. This may cause the cleaning to not be thorough.

Recommended temperature For those who like to take cold showers, it is 26 – 28 degrees Celsius.

Bathing, whether it be warm water or cold water, each has different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to switch between showers You should choose to take a cool shower in the morning. For the body to feel refreshed, alert and ready to take on a new day. And taking a warm bath in the evening will help relax the body very well. Helps you sleep easily as well.

Although taking a warm shower or taking a cold shower depends on the preferences of each person. But you should consider other factors as well, especially the weather and physical condition at that time, and choose the appropriate temperature. Therefore it will be good for your own physical health.