Chronic cough is more dangerous than you think.

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Chronic cough is more dangerous than you think.


Coughing is a mechanism of protection of the respiratory system from harm or harm because normally, people breathe air into the body through pain, approximately 8,000 – 12,000 liters per day. But it depends on the amount and activities throughout the day and while in the air. There’s waste. that is dangerous to the respiratory system, is mixed in or has symptoms ยูฟ่าเบท of toxic pollution Or it may be in the form of small dust particles or various viruses in the air. The body has a way to get rid of those things in order to reduce the danger of the respiratory tract. Dust particles grow larger than 10 microns when inhaled and are mostly stuck in the nasal cavity and upper trachea. Only small dust particles can pass into the lower bronchial tubes. Therefore, small dust particles are more dangerous than large dust particles.

Cough duration and symptoms of coughing

          For coughing, in general, you can divide the duration or according to the symptoms that occur, such as coughing for less than 1 week or coughing that stops. This type of cough is call coughing. Nowadays, coughing continuously for more than 3 weeks will It’s call chronic cough. It’s consider dangerous and there is another symptom: a dry cough or a cough without phlegm. Coughing up mucus and coughing up blood You have to see that it’s just blood and there’s no mucus mixed in. or has mucus mixed in considered dangerous

The main causes of coughing are many and different. Because diseases of the respiratory system and diseases related to the lungs can cause coughing, and coughing can cause by diseases of other systems. Such as nasal disease, stomach disease, heart disease, But coughing is often found due to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, such as bronchitis, and most often Caused by infection. Symptoms of the common cold, influenza, and in children, it is often caused by inflammation in the throat. or tonsillitis itself

Causes of chronic coughing

The main cause of people having chronic cough is. If not counted Patients who smoke which usually has a chronic cough because have chronic bronchitis and for patients with symptoms Cough and the most common symptom is chronic cough after a cold or influenza symptoms. These patients may have a chronic cough. Especially patients who do not get enough rest or those who use a lot of noise. In the early stages of the disease cause symptoms of bronchitis You can follow it yourself. In addition, it can found that after being infecte with the virus. The bronchial tubes may become more sensitive to stimulation (Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness or BHR) and then coughing can occur. This may last for approximately 3 – 4 days. weeks. Especially if Not getting enough rest or not taking care of yourself,

Including using your voice a lot, can cause a chronic cough. For a longer time, there are also diseases that are the main causes. That can cause frequent coughing or chronic coughing. Including chronic inflammation in the lungs such as tuberculosis. Chronic suppurative bronchitis (Bronchiectasis), lung abscesses, and cancer in the lungs. lungs etc.

How are you with good knowledge? that we bring to read today You see, even though it’s a cough symptom.

That many people overlook, it can have negative effects on the body. We got a lot of the same. So what’s the best? is taking care of yourself Get enough rest. Eat nutritious food and most importantly, don’t forget to exercise regularly. In order to help different systems in the body Ours can work fully. For our good health every day