“Pioli” insists the team is empty of pressure Do everything

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AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli believes their team are not under pressure from the title race. and see that the team is doing well, just finishing the

score Just stumbled on an open home draw with Bologna without a goal. Causing to miss the opportunity to score points, leaving behind the crowd like Napoli, who followed just one point

. If not, then it will be difficult. We did very well without the ball. But the situation with the ball and feet is not so good.”

“It’s easy to analyze tonight’s game. We couldn’t find some small moments. We’ve done everything,” Pioli told ufabet Sport Italia after the game

When asked if the form was due to the pressure after the team had won, he replied:

“I’m going to rule out the idea of ​​it being caused by mental issues. The team plays with the right characters, emotions and mental states. Including the quality of the game until the last area

. It is a fact that there is a telling statistic. We play our football but we just can’t use the chances to turn into goals.”

“I have nothing to blame for this team, we just need to be sharper and more efficient in the box. We play every game to win. So it’s normal for us to miss out on some opportunities. especially in front of our fans.”