“Ancelotti” pointed out that the league championship is not in the hands

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Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti believes the league title is not in their hands. Although leaving important rivals such as Atletico Madrid and Barcelona several points,

“White King” has performed excellently this season. By dominating the top-flight of the Bull League with 46 points from 19 matches, while the reigning champion “Attar” has only collected 29 points from the past 18 games.

In addition, another important competitor, “Alien” is in It has been a difficult time since Ronald Koeman was sacked and replaced by Xavi Hernandez. They sit in seventh place with 28 points from 18 games,

Madrid head coach Ancelotti feels that the likes of Sevilla and Real Betis, who are second and third respectively, pose a more immediate threat than the Catalan club.

“Now Barcelona is not a direct rival because we are closer [to] Sevilla, Atletico or Betis, but if I were Barcelona’s coach I would say that we can’t rule out LaLiga either,” Ancelotti said to a news conference ahead of Los Blancos’ league clash with Cadiz.

however, Ancelotti insists the title is still not in their hands. Because La Liga is a difficult item. In addition, other competitors such as Sevilla are already scoring behind.

“No, I don’t think so. We have a slight advantage. And it is true that some rivals like Atletico or Barca are left behind,” he told Diario AS.

“But not other rivals like Sevilla, La Liga is a tough competition. Because you can’t say you’re going to face an easy game.”

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